As the leader in the Design, Supply, Service and ongoing Support of commercial fitness facilities nationwide, FDG is unmatched in providing expertise and comprehensive system-based solutions while delivering exceptional experiences in fitness. provides a tailored tool and opportunity to maximize the benefits and enhance the daily operation of a single fitness facility or hundreds of properties across the country. It is remarkably scalable, yet precisely supplies the necessary support at both the property level and corporate headquartered interest alike.

The intuitive and easy-to-follow workings of this online program support the Fitness Administrator within your organization in maintaining the essentials required to effectively operate an ever changing fitness environment. This program will serve to enhance the guest or member experience within the confines of your facilities by making it easy to keep equipment up and running, accessories clean and current, and insuring that your staff is properly trained and supported with the right information at all times. Add to this an increased visibility by authorized parties to view equipment service history, product age and condition information, and finally remaining warranty and projected useful life data; the Program will soon become the best tool you have ever had in fitness!

I feel that this program is extremely valuable. Time is what I never seem to have enough of and this program really speeds up the process — no calling, leaving messages, waiting for return calls, etc. It’s easy, efficient and IT WORKS! It absolutely improved the efficiency of product purchases and especially service requests. We receive phone verification the same day and we see the service tech within 2 to 3 days max. I’m very pleased with the program as it stands. It meets all of my needs. I can’t think of anything I would change or add.